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On July 30th - August 3rd and August 5th - 9th a group of motivated young people organized two terms of summer camps for children aged 11 - 15 in Fablab Bratislava.


The event was a day - camp, kids arriving from home every day around 8 a.m. and leaving for home, swim, garden, or anything else around 4:30 p.m. We had around 20 participants in both weeks. Children were divided into two groups of 10, alternating the activities. One half learned about 2D and 3D modelling using Inkscape and Thinkercad software, and then they used the machines in Fablab to produce their creations - they decorated their T-shirts, and textile bags, created little wooden jewellery, toys or decoration items for their friends or family. The second group used two days to learn about programming Arduino platform on little projects with some sensors, and motors, and then they used one day to assemble the robot Otto from 3D printed or laser-cut parts, servo-motors and electronics. On the final day, they were putting everything together, and finally made a presentations for others on what they have done and learned. In the morning, and in the afternoon, we played some games, and talked to better learn about each other. Around 40 robots have been built, and so far we have only received a positive feedback from the parents and the participants. Some of them have learned a good deal of Arduino programming and are now ready to start their own little projects. We have learned a lot during this event too.


Feel free to visit some of the pages that are in Slovak to learn more about:

  • some 2D designs made by children
  • their 3d modelling endeavors
  • projects we have been doing with Arduino
  • and everything about our modifications (for instance the hands...) of the famous Otto robot, see also list of parts
  • The program for Otto is a free, open-source software, feel free to make use of it as you wish, it can do a lot - play music in background, remember three different choreographies in the EEPROM memory, remember robot calibration, be controlled over BlueTooth, and much more... Sooner or later, we will produce an English version of the program and upload it to Github
  • you can find the e-mails of the camp organizers on the front page, feel free to contact us! :-)